Corporate & Other Management Services

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Corporate Events Management

Nalanda has a team of experts to plan and organize any   corporate event with a short notice especially in AP and Telangana   states.

Corporate relations (PR & Liaison Services)

Nalanda has well established net work with Govt. and non   Govt. agencies. We have team of professionals / experts who have decades   of experience and expertise to provide specialized PR and Liaison   services for the clients. Any level of task would be taken up by Nalanda   and would ensure the positive results.

Nalandas Insurance & Marketing Services

In response to the demand of the clients Nalanda has started a new   division under the title Nalanda Insurance & Marketing Services to   provide comprehensive services related to Life and General Insurance.   Nalanda had obtained licenses as Corporate Agent to SBI Life & SBI   General Insurance from IRDA.

  • License for SBI Life Insurance – License No: 9273773
  • License for SBI General Insurance – License No: SBGC000165892

In addition to offering various products of SBI Life & SBI General Insurance, the following services are available:

  • Liability Risk Management, Investment Planning, Financial Planning.