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Human Resource Management

 We do our best to meet our customers expectations, always in time.

HR Policies & Strategies

Based on HR audit, Nalanda will undertake or modify HR   systems such as Performance Management / Appraisal, Career Development,   Suggestion Schemes, Reward and Incentive Schemes, Training Policy, Human   Resource Planning, Activity/Value Analysis, etc., Once these systems   are properly put in place, computer-based monitoring will be introduced   for swift implementation and to achieve the organisation goals. Nalanda   is specialized in preparation of HR Manual in consultation and   co-ordination with the senior management.

HRD programs and training

Nalanda provides most comprehensive HRD programs based on   need analysis and skill mapping. Training and implementation of ISO 9000   and Total Quality Management is also offered. Our programs on various   topics have been designed to equip Junior to Senior Management   Professionals with the knowledge and skill to deal with the issues and   the people. Our programs are totally tailor made to the clients   requirement and the needs of the industry.

Nalanda has rich experience in organizing inhouse and   outside need based training programs especially in the area of HR, IR,   Labour Laws and any other subject as required by the clients.

Outsourcing of Manpower / Temporary Staffing:

Nalanda is one of the very few oldest companies in India   providing man power on out sourcing basis. We have been providing both   executive and Supervisory man power to various reputed and multinational   companies since 2001. With a short notice, Nalanda will provide any   number of candidates for the selection of client and undertakes personal   verification through our net working system.

And induction training, payroll management, statutory   compliances and supervise their work through our Supervisors /   Executives. Payment of salaries to the outsourcing staff will be done   through their personal accounts in a Bank. We ensure the discipline of   the outsourced employees and deals with any issue. We have 16 years of   track record in maintaining 100% statutory compliance. We welcome   periodical inspections of our records and registers by the client   directly or through any outsourcing agency.

Executive Search / Permanent Recruitment:

We have a large validated data bank and a well structured   procedure for recruitment of personnel to ensure right man for right job   and at right time. Our sources of candidates include Nalanda’s data   Bank, personal contacts, head hunting and advertisement. Candidates will   not be shortlisted mechanically and our process of screening will   always be towards the client needs and right fit.

Labour Laws Implementation & Audit

Nalanda has a strong team of professionals retired Senior   Officials from the State and Central Labour, ESI, EPF and Service Tax   departments etc. to take up statutory compliances audit for the   principal employer and their contractors. The scope and periodicity of   the audit work would be as per the requirement/guidelines of the client.   Nalanda assures best of its services in this area and client will have   hassle free environment.