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Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Statutory & Regulatory Compliance Services

Let Us Ensure and Sustain Your Compliance

Nalanda takes on the responsibility of ensuring compliance with all applicable labor laws comprehensively, utilizing our own resources. Additionally, we assist corporations in meeting compliance audit requirements mandated by the law while also supporting them in achieving social compliance standards.

The labor law landscape is continually evolving, requiring a unique agility to stay updated on the latest developments and maintain adherence to statutory and HR compliance. At Nalanda, we offer HR compliance services designed to assist companies in staying knowledgeable within the legal framework. Ensuring compliance with all legal and statutory regulations is absolutely critical for businesses to operate successfully in India. This often entails significant investments of company resources, time, and ongoing vigilance to stay informed about evolving changes, thereby ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.

Given the government's frequent alterations to employee and employment-related laws, it becomes a challenge for small and mid-sized companies to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape. What these organizations truly need is dependable HR compliance services from an experienced industry expert."

Nalanda is committed to absolute adherence to the Law. We firmly believe that the cost of compliance is far more economical than the cost of non-compliance. Nalanda actively advocates for corporate compliance with all relevant laws to enhance a company's brand image and reputation. This involves licensing, meticulous record-keeping, and the regular submission of returns to statutory authorities—a crucial aspect of compliance.

Our dedicated and capable team at Nalanda is fully equipped to manage the intricate compliance needs of both Indian and international corporations. With ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications, we offer assurance of quality, data confidentiality, and customer data security.

Access to Local and Regional Expertise ,Expert Support during Audits and Inspections ,Ethical Practices, Timely Adherence, Centralized Document Management

How We Assist You

As your Statutory Compliance partner, we take on the full responsibility of managing your organization's Statutory Compliance and assisting the organization with Access to Local and Regional Expertise ,Expert Support during Audits and Inspections ,Ethical Practices, Timely Adherence, Centralized Document Management

This means you can achieve HR compliance without the need to hire additional employees or maintain a separate HR statutory compliance department.

compliance-as-a-service to be an ideal solution for comprehensive compliance with all aspects of labor laws.

Our Core Values

1. Comprehensive Labor Law Compliance Audit: We provide complete support when authorities conduct a thorough examination of your organization's procedures and policies, mitigating the risk of legal prosecution.

2. Avoiding Legal Consequences and Penalties: Our services guarantee that your business adheres to essential norms, preventing penalties, license revocation, and fines.

3. Ongoing Contractor Compliance Oversight: We diligently oversee contractor certificates for validity, conduct performance assessments, and audit pertinent safety records.

4. Expert Tax Management: From verifying tax slab rates to meeting criteria and facilitating remittances, we handle all aspects of professional tax management.

5. Efficient Statutory & Regulatory Administration: Nalanda manages all facets Statutory & Regulatory of ESIC, PF, etc encompassing validation, computation, eligibility assessments, remittance, and claims processing.

Nalanda’s vibrant professional team trimming with confidence will handle the issues enthusiastically to the expected levels of satisfaction of the customers once any task is entrusted to them.


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