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Payroll As A Services (PAaaS)

Payroll Outsourcing: Let a Payroll Agency Handle Payroll While You Focus on Employee Appreciation

Companies worldwide are shifting towards a more employee-centric approach. Unlike in the past, they now prioritize meeting their employees' needs, recognizing that employee satisfaction is a key asset for organizational growth. Outsourcing payroll to a specialized agency is a significant step in this direction.

Businesses have come to understand that in-house payroll tasks demand considerable time and attention, diverting focus from immediate priorities. As a leading third-party employee service provider and payroll management specialist, we offer a highly skilled team equipped with advanced technology to ensure seamless payroll processing for your company.

We cater to organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our payroll consulting services grant you the time and freedom to concentrate on your core business activities while helping you streamline, analyse, and enhance the efficiency of your core business operations.

How dose Nalanda Benefit your organization by outsourcing your payroll activity to us :
Cost Reduction and Cost-Effectiveness, Avoid Penalties and Errors, Expert Team, Accurate MIS (Management Information System), Employee Information Updates, Custom Reports, Document Uploads, Total Compensation Reports.

Our Core Value

1. Engaging an Expert Payroll Team: We provide a dedicated team of payroll experts, well-versed in statutory regulations, to manage all your payroll needs.

2. Payment Structure Structuring and Updates: We ensure your payment structure is continually reviewed and adjusted to align with recent developments and market demands.

3. Guidance on Statutory Remittances: We offer advice on TDS, PT, PF, ESI remittances, facilitate the acquisition of investment declarations and proof from employees, and verify investment documentation.

4. Form 16 and Form 24Q Generation: We generate Form 16 and Form 24Q as required for tax deduction at the source.

5. Dedicated Managers: We provide dedicated managers to ensure uninterrupted payroll services for your organization.

Nalanda’s vibrant professional team trimming with confidence will handle the issues enthusiastically to the expected levels of satisfaction of the customers once any task is entrusted to them.


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