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Comprehensive Health Care Services

Comprehensive Healthcare Services: Your health is our priority.

In the realm of human well-being, four fundamental elements stand out: Food, Education, Employment, and Health.

At Nalanda, we understand the pivotal role of health and have forged a Strategic partnership with TX Hospitals a JCI Accredited Hospital to provide Best in care Health Services to our Employees and Clients, Spread over 3 branches, 600+ beds, and a range of multi-specialty services catering to both children and adult care.

The TX brand and logo symbolize our commitment to offering comprehensive treatment and therapy for a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Our integrated healthcare services encompass a vast array of offerings, including clinics, retail pharmacies, wellness centers, diagnostic labs, health insurance, home healthcare, fertility centers, and quaternary care facilities. Each year, thousands of patients place their trust in TX Hospitals, benefitting from our unwavering dedication to raising healthcare standards in the country.

TX hospitals boast world-renowned medical teams that leverage the latest technologies and international evidence-based protocols to provide the most comprehensive treatment in all medical specialties. TX prioritize quality, compassionate care for every patient and hold clinical excellence, patient safety, dignity, transparency, affordability, and accessibility as cornerstones of our care approach. Our goal is to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality care in a patient-friendly environment.

Services Offered

Round the Clock Emergency Services

Modern Operation Theatres

State of the Art Diagnostic facility

Highest Quality Treatment

Sophisticated ICUs

Expert Doctors

Robust Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technology

At TX Hospitals Group, we stand ready to deliver exceptional healthcare services and make a positive impact on the lives of our patients. Click here to know more

Nalanda’s vibrant professional team trimming with confidence will handle the issues enthusiastically to the expected levels of satisfaction of the customers once any task is entrusted to them.


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